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Happy new Year! ★ two proyects + request
Enma thinking

 Two new proyects and request for help!

(* ̄∇ ̄*) エヘヘ

I'd like to share with you these two projects and we hope to get a translation soon so we can enjoy them! As we don't have translators I wonder if someone could offer help to start with them and make other plans for the future of these couples and more from the list... btw i know that many of the translators of various communities are busy because they have offered their help for couple's proyects that may interest them more than these, well, here don't need to be aware from long works, most of this couples who we work (allgio, alltsuna, etc.) are short stories and we don't need to recieve them with urgency.

 the translation because we just started recently as scanlation y we don't have enough resources (I'm the one responsible of everything and I don't have much time for now) so that hard work isn't needed, simply responsability for don't leave the proyects
 we go step by step and... we present these proyects to see if someone who doesn't want to join as part of the staff want at least help to translate this proyecto and continue watching quietly the commu without the need to we contact and instruct others
 we hope to get people soon, I'm hopeful that someone will want to join us or maybe help to the community from outside

 unhurried and cheerful to see our proyects complety published in  english and so everyone can enjoy them with joy... I'll continue sending more request of translators that is what is most difficult to move foward...

Enjoy these two proyects, see ya!

※  Tittle: Reunion.
※  Pairing: Cozart x Giotto
※  Pages: 11
※  Author: Alpen Reise...Collapse )

※  Tittle: Enma scary kun (Tsuna updating flame)
※  Pairing: Enma x Tsuna
※  Pages: 9
※  Author: Alpen Reise...Collapse )

※ Comments are love
if you want help with these projects, please respond in the same entry!
I wish you a happy new year!

02. Tsuna's Birthday★Reborn Manga [Japanese]
Enma thinking

Tittle: ツナ誕★漫画
Pairing: 0027 [Enma x Tsuna]
Language: Japanese
Pages: 08
a present for you, Tsuna-kun...Collapse )

01. Alaudi's nosebleed (I'm not joking)
Enma thinking

I don't FUCKING understand anything and I'm not sure if this is Chinese or Japanese...

yes, I'm an IDIOT with Oriental languages, please shoot me ;__;
if anyone is interested on translate them? nananananana please? =3... I'm requesting for some people to help me to edit and translate this comic and others, mostly for the first generation and another pairings of Reborn! like 0027, 1827, 6927, G27, Everyone/Tsuna (YESSSSSSSSSSSH!) Anyone/Giotto (if Tsuna can do it, why Giotto doesn't?, I mean I support Giotto on the top too) etc.

well, before you want to kick my awesome (8D) ass, I want to share this comic with all of you <3! if anyone are interest on translate comics of Pixiv, please send me a PM or reply this entry! I need too a Chinese translator for another G27 comic for this author (Actually ,I don't know if is Japanse or Chinese...I guess is the second one LOL).

More information about the comm, translating and help offer on here!

Unknow (I don't understand ANYTHING! it's chinese.... DAMMMMN!)
Pairing: Alaudi x Giotto 
Pages: 18 
Authot: I need to confirm the name ;____________________;
Summary: as may be seen (because they do not understand anything, I think both got bored of saying it) is like an alternate history about how they met. Is great as Giotto kick their asses (and Alaudi Ass...............well, that's not true xDDDDDDDDDDD).


oh, my 8DCollapse )

[]Please don't take the pages without permission, 
[]our finished proyects will be locked!
[]feel free to watch us! or join <3!


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